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On the left bar may be brief reviews of books relevant to the page you are reading. These are all excellent books that I thoroughly recommend. I have them all and wouldn't be without them. Some are free downloads and some are physical books. In the case of physical books clicking on them will take you to the amazon.co.uk site. If you buy them through that link then I get 5% (It costs you no more.) All of the personal recommendations are collected on the recommendations page


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I should include a link to card-opt.gif, which is hosted here.

Why Soronlin?

The name is JRR Tolkien's Quenya Elven:

Eagle; the Sindarin form is Thoron, as in Thorondor, King of the Eagles
Song; as in Lindor and Ainulindalë

Actually eagle song is a harsh barking noise, but the name still sounds good.

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