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Roleplaying is like improvised theatre without all the tiresome moving around and building sets. In fact maybe improvised theatre for the radio… without the sound effects. Anyway, six people sit down in comfy chairs with drinks and snacks, and create a story together. It is thrilling, moving, cathartic, escapist, … whatever you need.

I have played many game-systems over the years. I started out with a photocopied copy of Greyhawk before AD&D was released. Then Traveller, Striker, Gamma World, Paranoia. Now I tend to gravitate around World of Darkness, but still make regular forays into other systems.

Right now I am considering getting around to designing my scenario for AmberconUK 12. The Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game (ADRPG) is a roleplaying game without any dice. It is the ultimate is roleplaying, and AmberconUK is the ultimate in gaming conventions.


I am a software engineer specialising in control systems and SCADA, currently working in the automotive sector. In my free time I like to work with microcontrollers. I prefer the Atmel AVR to the PIC… and Linux to Windows.

Amateur Radio

Amateur (Ham) Radio is a fascinating and little-known world-wide hobby with international legal standing.

I was first licensed in 1983, although for the first ten of those I was stuck on VHF with no money for decent equipment, and then let my license lapse for another ten years.

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