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Ambercon UK is a role-playing convention in four-star luxury. Since it has been running for twelve years it is stable and smooth-running, with a great crowd of regulars, and many new faces every year. We take our gaming seriously; there's no wandering around looking for the next game. From start to finish if you're not gaming then you must be eating or sleeping. From Friday evening to Sunday evening, solid, high quality, gaming.

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Past Games

Time has erased all memory of the first game I ran. I co-GMed a game at Ambercon UK many years ago, and there was the nightmare first solo GMing experience, but it may have been at Clan Amber up in Scotland. Too many players, not enough structure. I've got better since, thank goodness, and have been regularly running a game at Ambercon UK since 2004. I prefer the long Saturday afternoon slot, when I can get my teeth into a good 8-hour scenario. Each year I put up details of the scenario that wont fit into the brief paragraph that goes out to prospective players.

  • 2004 Blood of The Unicorn
    After the Patternfall war, Chaos realised that they had access to enough Amberites to erase the Pattern. Only the children of Corwin and Deirdre survived, even Amber Castle was erased. Corwin's Pattern was all that kept them from being unmade but it was unstable; could they get to Chaos and steal a serpent's eye in time to save it?

    This was a very tightly plotted scenario. The players all said they didn't notice, which was nice.

The Rosette Sequence

After the moderate success of my 2004 offering, the scenario I ran in 2005 allowed me to return to it for the next two years. It is always scary running a continuation game, wondering if you will get any players who enjoyed it enough the year before to want to revisit it the next. I am proud to say I managed around 50% returning characters each year.

Azriel's smile had Flora trying to destroy Corwin's power base by wiping out all human life on Shadow Earth. Unbeknown to her, Earth was the centre of a power more ancient than even Chaos. As billions of people died, the power concentrated into the survivors until only six survived. Could they reclaim their birth-right before she realised her mistake?

The third game pulled the trilogy to a close; it was time for something new.

The Carlos Cory School for Gifted Orphans

There was no Ambercon in 2008; the Ramada in Reading had put their prices up too high. 2009 found us at a new venue near Milton Keynes. I found Harben House to be better, although it is further from the shops and other amenities.

I have always preferred running games where the characters are normal people, set against the god-like powers of Amber and Chaos. This time I made them all children too.

This Year's Game

And so we come up-to-date. My game at Ambercon UK '17 will be a continuation of the previous eight games and will bring the trilogy of trilogies to a close.

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