Apocryphal Tales

Here are a few stories that I have gathered over the years. Since they are getting harder to find it is obviously my duty to provide another back-up.

EMACS is a text editor written by Richard Stallman (rms) as the first part of the GNU project. For many years there was a text file in with the distribution with several recipes for cookies. Unfortunately it was removed in 2014 so it is now apocryphal and I include it here. The file itself is here: http://www.soronlin.org.uk/local--files/emacs-cookies/Emacs%20COOKIES.txt

But I will also expound on the first and original recipe in the file which I find makes fantastic cookies and requires a great amount of fun since it makes so many. You need a huge bowl, or even two, and you need to have a production-line process to cook them, which is a great caper. Unlike lesser recipes, you won't eat them all in the first evening either.

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CAUTION: adult material

The world in general likes to believe that the insular computer boffin does not know the meaning of love-making. Of course this is not true. Most IT specialists have healthy and rewarding sex lives - often with other humans - which keep them bright and smiling as they tap away at the keyboard and chirpily browse their manager's Netscape cache. And the true IT professional - of course - always behaves faithfully to his chosen development environment - even in the bedroom….

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This reminds me of a story from the dark ages of computing - when the Computing Center at a major university had both a monopoly on computing resources and a policy of "no frivolous use of the computer(s)".

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